Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marking The Path Has Won An Award!

Thank you to Susan from The Reliant Self for nominating Marking The Path for the Best Blog Award. Susan's blog is written in a very entertaining style that provides informative tips on everything from how to make your own soap, preparing for an emergency, what to do with powdered milk, and much more. Where were you during Y2K? A great site! Visit her when you get a chance.

The Best Blog Award rules:

To accept the award, you must post it on your blog along with the name of the person who has honored you with the award, and include a link to his/her blog. Then you must choose 15 other blogs that you believe deserve the honor of Best Blog. You must contact each of the bloggers you choose and let them know you have honored them. Include a link to your post, along with the rules, so they will know what to do.

It was not an easy task choosing which 15 bloggers to give this award to, because so many people deserve this honor. Here are my picks in no particular order:

Nikon Sniper – I absolutely love Stephen Baird's photos.  Very talented!

A Handmaiden’s Journey – Alli shares her experiences as a young believer in a fresh and honest way.

Artisan of the Human Spirit – Tony provides an award-winning view on Christian living.

Christian Thoughts – Sonya has a big heart for helping people "navigate life."

Faded Ladies – Deb and Rose are two lovely ladies who practice the fine art of encouragement, while burning the candle at both ends. I'm praying for you Rose!

Good Morning Ladies – A beautiful person who urges us to keep going no matter what life brings.

Harmony – Uniquely His – I enjoy Shirley's loving but honest views on life.

John Threesixteen – John is a man who truly loves the Lord and loves to share God’s Word with others.

Joy Unspeakable – Jane is a person whose mission is to help others find their joy … and she does it so well.

Just a Sinner’s Thoughts – One of my first readers … TheSinner brings fresh insight into "real" Christian living.

Writing4Heaven – Kromagg73 shares his honest insights into the up and downs of the life of a believer.

U|SK8 – I applaud these young men who live by the theme “Skate Hard! Pray Hard!”

The Journey to Destiny – LaVetta is a beautiful person who has dedicated her blog to motivating fellow believers. Very inspiring!

The Balance Beam – Charlene uses humor to help her readers learn how to find balance in their life.

Untraveled Path - Costume Queen came up with a great idea to invite bloggers to celebrate 14 Days of Thankfulness. The 14 days have come and gone, but the site is still very interesting to return to.

Susan, thanks again for the award.  I believe it is important to encourage one another, and you have certainly encouraged me.  I think I feel a sermon coming on ...

May God bless you all!


  1. Thank you so much for your prayers! Thank you for the blog award as well. I am sure Deb will handle this for Faded Ladies since I will be off the air so to speak for a while.

  2. dr. t.l. sanderfer,
    thanks very much for your kind favoring with this honor. i just want you to know that although nikonsniper is not obviously a believers blog. i am one who trusts in Christ alone. thats all that matters in the end. thanks again for mentioning the blog. we want to encourage all with cameras to keep creating memories for those who follow us.
    God bless. nikonsniper steve

  3. Congrats to you and THANKS! :-)

    @The Balance Beam

  4. Thank you very kindly for your nod of approval. I am blessed to simply know that others appreciate my words and see that I try to write with compassion. I will get on the homework, and humbly accept as I will also proudly pass it onward.

  5. Thank you so much for the award! =D

  6. Dear Dr. T.L. Sanderfer,
    I was astonished to find your acknowledgement of my blog when I went to read yours today. What a boost you have given me!

    I was contemplating my blog the other day, thinking that no one would find it encouraging or useful, let alone read it. I wondered if it was somewhat narcissistic of me to blather on about my life, challenges and insights.

    You have reminded me how great it is to be acknowledged for your efforts. Thank you so much. It is an honor, especially in light of how inspiring your blog has been to me.

    Thank you!


  7. Dr. Sanderfer,
    To God be the glory!!!! The talents and abilities that we have been given by God are not just for us, but for others as well. All I want to do is share my gift! THank you for encouraging me to keep on writing by choosing me for this award. I hope you are blessed double! Thank you Lord!!!

  8. Thank You so much for displaying my blog. That is very cool. I love to share the stories with others about life and everything else. Jesus loves us all and he doesn't want to see any of his children suffer.